Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moving On

Ryan is working late tonight and I was so excited to find myself with a couple of minutes to jump on the computer and share my latest little project with you. Unfortunately, when I unloaded my camera card, my project pictures were gone! I'm hoping that Ryan downloaded the most recent pictures and just didn't catorigize them correctly (which would go against every perfectionistic organizational tendency he has....) and that they are somewhere on my computer. If not, I guess the only pictures of my latest project will be these:

Inspiration image via Pottery Barn
My version

I am really excited to share the details of this project with you because it was so rewarding in the end!  However, I am going to hope that I can find my lost pictures and save the rest of my headboard-making story for another post. :)

When I logged on tonight, I couldn't believe that it had been so long since my last blog post.  This last month has flown by and I have been busier than ever.   Big things are happening here and we are moving!  Ryan has accepted a job with Amazon.com in Seattle and I have been working feverishly to make sure my house is sale-ready.  It goes on the market this Friday and I'm finally feeling like everything is coming together to make it look like 6 people (4 of them under the age of 8) don't use every square inch of this house all day, every day.  I have completed more projects and organizational/decorating feats in the last month than I usually do all year and having my house so perfect makes me even more sad to be leaving.  Outside of our two years in Belgium, Ryan and I have spent all of our married life in Portland.  Our 4 kids were born here.  Our friends are here.  We LOVE Portland, and it's so hard to leave it all behind.  That being said though, we absolutely feel like this move is the right thing to do and I have the utmost confidence that everything will work out in the end.  I dare say, that outside of the leaving part (which is sad...) I am looking forward to a new beginning and some new adventures.  So stay tuned, and cross your fingers that I can keep my house looking un-lived in long enough to sell it and still remain a sane person!


Frankman's said...

WOW!! The headboard looks awesome! Congratulations on Ryan's new job and good luck with moving! We were tentatively planning a trip to Seattle to see some of my husband's relatives this fall, so maybe we can meet up with you!

Elizabeth said...

Congrats to Ryan on the new job!! I hope you can sell your house quickly and easily. Love you guys!

will and tiff said...

how exciting for you guys! amazon is my number one addiction ;> your house looks picture perfect...hope everything is going well with all the changes. ps. email me your number would ya? ;>