About Me

Hi! I'm Lisa of Lilou Creates.  Welcome to my blog! I am a young (?) 30's something mother of four, 2 boys - ages 8 & 6, and 2 girls - ages 4 &1.  I am passionate about all things domestic and educational and am continually striving to increase my knowledge in those areas.  I also love to travel and find myself going a bit stir-crazy if there isn't a change in scenery every so often.

As my life has become busier, I have recognized that it is effortless for me to become disconnected from those not intertwined in my daily life.  Lilou Creates was born out of a desire to share a slice of my life with friends and family, new and old.  "Lilou" pays homage to the nickname of my childhood, LiseeLou,  and "Creates" encompasses the re-occurring theme that is in my life:  creation!  Whether it is a meal, a schedule, a tradition, an educational opportunity, a craft, a sewing project, sheer chaos, or a complete mess, I spend my days buried in the art of creating.

Thanks for stopping by!  I always love to hear from you, so don't be shy.  You can contact me at liloucreates at gmail dot com.