Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Making a comeback

Hello friends! Remember me? Your friend who so abruptly stopped blogging about 3 years ago and left you wondering what ever happened to my life abroad? I'm here, happy to announce that I survived, and thrived, and am now ready to blog again.

A lot has happened since my last posting on la famille White including (
but not limited to):

more European travels (St. Petersburg, Russia),

moving back to the US,

buying a house (I pulled this picture off of Zillow from when my house was for sale...I guess I need to take a picture of my house!)

having another baby

and watching her grow,

homeschooling my kids,

and even more family travels!
(Oahu, Hawaii)

I'm constantly amazed at how quickly time passes and how old/big my kids are getting. At the end of this summer we will have been back in the US for 2 years - as long as we were in Belgium - and yet it feels about the equivalent of 2 months.

Although I love where I live and our friends/life here, I do miss living near family and other good friends and keeping those connections open. You can check out my "about me" on my sidebar for more information on why I started blogging again and this new blog!

I'm also hoping to do quite a few flashback posts where I can go back in time a bit and update you on some of the past events that I mentioned above. So, don't be shy, add me to your reader, leave me a comment to let me know you've found me again, and let's get re-acquainted! :)


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will and tiff said...

yay i am so so happy you are back. i miss you and our lengthy conversations. i can't wait to keep up again! ;> love the idea of your blog too, get creating woman.